20 июн. 2017 г.

Cosmic Acid Disco Mix (Echoes Sounds Mix)

Spacebirds Cosmic Acid Disco 2008-2010 (Echoes Sounds Mix 2017)
Format: DJ Mix
Recorded: 2013
Style: Acid Disco, Electropop
Time: 70:36


1. Jean-Michel Blanchet’s Solar (Spacebirds Cover)
2. Fantastic Voyage
3. Dreamscape
4. Starfighters And Spacebirds
5. Back To The Space
6. Constellation
7. Firefox
8. Alien Army
9. New Solar (Echo Remix)
10. Solar Storm (B-Remix)
11. Child Space
12. Echo Of Strange Organ
13. Solarstorm
14. Space Chase
15. Spacebirds
16. Sparks
17. Transpluton
16. Space Calm (Long Version)

16 янв. 2016 г.

[LV014] Spacebirds - Orbit Tango (PROMO)

Artist: Spacebirds
Album: Orbital Tango (Promo EP)
Label: Laser Visa
Catalog: [LV014]
Style: Electro-pop, Casiocore, Casiopop, Synthpop
Time: 48:30
Release: 16 January 2016
All Music By Evgenij V. Kharitonov, 2009-2013.

Album Note:
This album was performed on small toy synthesizers of Casio SA-21, Casio SA-46 and Casio SA-78. Basically all sounds (sinth sounds, percussion, drums, some effects) were recorded by using only of these toy tools. Also some effects from Korg Kaossilator, vocoder from Novation Ultranova and samples of space broadcasts were mixed. Any other tools at record of this album (except for bonus tracks) it wasn't used. It in pure form Casiocore And Toytronica.
Recorded: 2013-2015.


[03:44] 1. Orbital Tango-1
[06:14] 2. Casiolator
[08:06] 3. Princess Of Venus
[06:03] 4. Gravity (Toy Synths Cover)
[07:40] 4. Orbital Tango-2 (Return To Moonbase)
[02:02] 6. Digital Wave (Fin)
[07:51] 7. Bonus-Track: Princess Of Venus (Live 2013)
[06:54] 8. Bonus-Track: Return To Moonbase (Promo-mix 2012)

4 янв. 2016 г.

[LV013] Spacebirds - When Your Toys Don't Sleep (PROMO EP)

Artist: Spacebirds
EP: When Your Toys Don't Sleep (Promo EP)
Label: Laser Visa
Catalog: [LV013]
Style: Electropop, Toytronic, Casiopop, Synthpop
Time: 32:43
Release: 4 January 2016
All Music And Artworks By Evgenij V. Kharitonov, 2009-2013.

Notes: All Tracks Created With Toys Synths Casio SA-46, Casio SA-78, Casio SA-21 (All Synth And Drums Sounds).


1. My Toy Spaceship (Tape Mix)
2. Lunar Elevator (Tape Mix)
3. When Your Toys Don't Sleep (Demo 2011)
4. Bonus Track: My Toy Spaceship (Stylophone Demo Version 2009)
5. Bonus Track: My Toy Spaceship (Synthpop Promo-mix 2012)

4 сент. 2014 г.




Spacebirds - Space Calm (Long Version)

6 мар. 2013 г.


Spacebirds –Return To Moonbase
Label: Laser Visa
Catalog: [LV-010]
Release date: 2013-03-06
Type: Mini-LP
Country: Russia
Keywords: Sci-Fi Synthpop, Spacesynth, 80s Style
Release Format: Digital release in MP3 (320 kbps)
Total Time: 43:36
All Tracks Recorded 2011-2012 .

Stream Release

1. Princesses Of Venus (7:49)
2. Return To Moonbase (6:52)
3. My Toy Spaceship (7:11)
4. Spaceship Lab (4:32)
5. Princesses Of Venus (Toxic Chicken Remix) (3:47)
6. Return To Moonbase (MuLab Promo Mix) (6:59)
7. My Toy Spaceship (Microbit Toy Casio SA46 Remix) (6:26)

Album Setup:
Soft: Mutools MuLab 4 (DAW/ Sequencer), Energy XT 2.6 (DAW / Sequencer), MuLab Soft Synths, Waldorf PPG 2 VST, Arturia Analog Factory VST, ODSay VST.
Hardware: Alesis Micron, Casio SA-46, Kawai K1, Kawai Gmega, Korg Caossilator Pro, Roland E-09

16 нояб. 2012 г.

v/a - Intox Special Compilation 2012

Label: Intox Noize
Catalog#: intox150
Country: Russia / Serbia / Belarus / Austria / Belgium / Ukraine
Genre: Electronic
Style: UK Hardcore, Trance, Techno, Synthpop, Breakbeat, Ambient, Experimental


01 Diodor - Dancing On The Move (1:57)
02 Derex - Whispers Behind (3:33)
03 Vad Vladsky - Black Liquid (Original Mix) (4:12)
04 Spacebirds - Princesses Of Venus (7:50)
05 The Guru - Ecleptic Mind (9:30)
06 Cocaine Bear - Let's Play With Knifes (Remix) (3:19)
07 Organism - E-Practika (6:24)
08 A Nocturnal Reviere - In Darkness (3:15)
09 Amenita - Journey Of Angst (3:01)
10 Oceaanbodem - Lunga Distanza (5:44)
11 Îõîòíèêè Çà Ãîëîâàìè - DDM3F (3:24)
12 Paranoid Definition - Renegate (3:15)
13 Organism - Strat-How (13:42)


7 нояб. 2012 г.

ACID SPACE (2009-2011)

Spacebirds – ACID SPACE
Note: Rarities Tracks 2009–2011, Re-Mixes
Recorded: 2009–2011
Release Date: 2012-11-07
Label: Sirona-Records (France)
Style: Acid Disco, Sci-Fi Electro
Time: 64:12
Digital quality: MP3, 320 kbps

Stream Release
Release Page (Streaming + Download options)
Download Full Album (.Zip)
Sirona-records web

1. Solar Storm (B-Remix) (4:00)
2. Firefox (4:04)
3. Fantasy Voyage (Synthleslie Mix) (4:22)
4. New Solar (Echo Re-Mix) (4:03)
5. Back To The Storm (4:24)
6. Solarstorm (3:58)
7. Snow Planet (5:03)
8. Alien Army (4:08)
9. Firefox (Ambient Version) (5:12)
10. Voltage (5:08)
11. Moon Spirit (5:03)
12. Solarstorm (Ambient Version) (5:14)
13. Space Calm (Long Version) (9:35)

3 окт. 2012 г.

Machine Day - Review

Artist: Spacebirds
Title: Machine Day
Catnmbr: Siro476
Keywords: Sci-Fi Techno (Oh, brevity!)
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

I had some free time on my hands and figured, why not do some space travel today? Sirona-Records is a good place for that sort of thing, and I think I found my sonic accompaniment – though clearly, as pictured, I might have to work to avoid the anal probes.
Getting right to it, the first track begins with some excellent pads, a little piano work… but it quickly abandons these trappings, settling for some very wonky acid basslines that sound like they’re straight outta Mars, direct transmission feed. Little green men dance in my head. One of the things that makes this quirky acid track stand out is all the strange bleep-bloop sfx that seem to mark transitions as they happen. Really enjoyed everything, all the way through. It makes you want to pop ‘cid and wear a silver space suit around, maybe analyze the lifeforms or objects around your house… like your cat, who, if he or she is anything like mine, is probably analyzing you too, with a curious look on his face that says, “What the hell, human?” At 4:59/5:00, my favourite part of the track, some nice synthbass/horn sounds come in. Oh, and almost forgot to mention, the track is titled ‘Machine Day’, so it’s the titular track. Silly me, got caught up there.
‘Mars Attacks’ is next, just some killer acid and probably my favourite track here, very interesting retro sounds abound. The kind of retro that still rocks it. I love the grungy distortion that Spacebirds use to great effect on some of the sequences. Also the filter-work is really nice, keeping things shifting and changing in subtle ways. I can only guess that they’ve been doing this sort of thing for awhile. Again, as with the last track, the spacy sfx they use throughout are perfect, the icing on the spacecake. At the end of the track, we sort of blast off into…
… track 3, ‘Moonman’, and the last track on this unfairly short EP. Light breaks, growling basslines… this eventually gives way to almost electro terrain, with a lot of the sci-fi sound fx getting incorporated into the groove. At 2:04, you start to hear my favourite sounds on the whole album come in and out with different applied filters, deep, syncopated chord sequences that are reminiscent of Juan Atkins’ Infiniti project, or many of the old Tresor singles. After it’s out, things get silly and fun. Machines, machines! At 5:06, right back into the electro-breaks… oh, and the end of the track was really sweet sounding.
So, all in all, not the longest of Sirona’s releases, but very satisfying for any time you’re in the mood for some old-school acid with a sci-fi bent. This will not likely be the last I’ve heard of the Spacebirds either: their website makes it easy to access all of their output. But, for now, you might at least hear this one at the link


2 сент. 2012 г.

Machine Day

Spacebirds – Machine Day
Recorded: 2012
Release date: August 2012
Label: Sirona-Records (France)
Catalog: [Siro 476]
Style: Sci-Fi Techno, Trance
Time: 21:26
Digital quality: mp3, 320 kbps | Size 50 mb

Stream Release
Release Page (Archive.org)
Download Full complete (ZIP via Internet Archive)
Download Full Complete (ZIP via mediafire.com)


1. Machine Day (6:52)
2. Mars Attacks (5:52)
3. Moonman (8:42)


10 мар. 2012 г.

Earth Calling Mars (Spacebirds-III)

Spacebirds - Earth Calling Mars
Label: Laser Visa | Cat.: [LV008] | Release: 2010
Country: Russia
Format: MP3 320 kbps, 44Hz | Size: 98 MB
Total time: 41:42
Stream Release
Release Page
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Mirror Site (Internet Archive

1. Interlude (1:28)
2. Earth Calling Mars (6:58)
3. Tranceferno (6:59)
4. Interlude (0:34)
5. Multiverse (Magix Samples remix) (5:15)
6. Wandering Planet (5:27)
7. Interlude (0:16)
8. Arrival Of Space Commedians (4:41)
9. Attraction Of The Black Chasm (Fog Mix) (5:38)
10. bonus track: Galactic Crossroads (Leroy and Synthleslie Short Cut) (5:25)

Release Notes:
All Tracks Recorded at White Art Studio, 2009 - 2011.
All Music by Spacebirds & EugeneKha

Track 'Earth Calling Mars' First Release in Compilation 'Radio Of Aliens Vol 2' (Laser Visa, 2012);
Tracks 'Tranceferno' and 'Wandering Planet' First Release as single (under name EugeneKha), 2009 (Intox Noize, 2009);
Track 'Multiverce' First Release in Megamix 'Nightmare The Space - Ultimate Megamix' (Mix by SpaceAnthony, 2011).


27 февр. 2012 г.

new tracks (synthpop, space)

URL: http://soundcloud.com/spacebirds/return-to-moonbase-mulab


MuDrum: Kiks, Reverse
Sequences: Bass Seq2
Leads: 80s Synth Brass, Alien Voice
Pads: Breathy Choir, Class X Strings, Maiami FM.
Musical FX: Dream Tangerine, Noisy Sweep.
SFX: Speedings Spirits.
Other: Seaworld

Arturia Analog Factory

Kawai K1m (Pan Flute, Bells, SFX, Strings, Percussion for Fin.)

+ Voices samples

Recorded in sequencer MuLab v. 4


URL: http://soundcloud.com/spacebirds/my-toy-spaceship-sky-mix

Kawai K1m, Kawai Gmega, Roland E-09, Roland JV-1080, PPG2, Casio SA-46
Лети мой
игрушечный звездолет,
куда не ступала
нога человека –
к игрушечным звездам

Fly my
toy spaceship
to the place
where man
has never trod
to the toy stars
(Перевод Татьяны Виноградовой)


URL: http://soundcloud.com/spacebirds/casiolator-casio-sa-46-song

All sounds from Toy Synthesizer Casio SA-46!

7 февр. 2012 г.

Ergrover & Spacebirds - Voice Of Aliens (SpaceAnthony Megamix)

Ergrover & Spacebirds - Voice Of Aliens
Megamix By SpaceAnthony. 2012

-Voice Of Aliens -Intro by SpaceAnthony
-SYSTEM TURBO 2011 by Ergrover
-SPACESHIP LAB by Spacebirds
-PROTOTYPE by Ergrover
-SPACE RUNAWAY by Spacebirds
-RUSSIAN SPACE by Ergrover
-MULTIVERSE by Spacebirds
-NEW BEAT EDITION by SpaceAnthony-
-NEW BEAT EDITION by SpaceAnthony-
-BETTA by Ergrover
-NEW BEAT EDITION by SpaceAnthony-

Download Megamix

30 янв. 2012 г.

v/a - RADIO OF ALIENS (VOL. 2) - Spacesynth Tribute To Gagarin

Various Artists – RADIO OF ALIENS (Vol. 2)
Catalog: [lvRA-07/02]
Release date: 2012-01-30
Type: Compilation
Country: Worldwide (Belarus – Holland – Russia – Ukraine)
Style: Spacesynth, Space Disco, Synth Pop, Italo Disco, Ambient
Digital Quality: MP3, 320 kbps 44 HZ, stereo
Playtime: 60:23
Size: 128 mb
PDF Booklet

Stream Release
Release Page
Download Whole Release As A ZIP file
Mirror Site (Internet Archive)

1. Radio Of Aliens Interlude (0:46)
2. Ergrover - Prototype (4:18)
3. Synth Dimension - 8 Bit Voyager (4:43)
4. Ambelion - White Sky Is Blue (4:03)
5. Spacebirds - My Toy Spaceship (Sky Mix) (7:11)
6. Ergrover - Popcorn In Space (4:46)
7. Synth Dimension - Way To New Start (3:44)
8. Organism - Rainfall (Soft version) (5:17)
9. Spacebirds - Earth Calling Mars (6:58)
10. Kai Nobuko - A brain left the earth for a well deserved space holliday (5:18)
11. Ambelion - Perfect Event (7:19)
12. EugeneKha - April 12th 1961 (Gagarin) (6:00)


30 дек. 2011 г.

v/a - New Year Compilation 2012

Various Artists – New Year Compilation 2012
Label: Intox Noize
Catalog#: intox130
Release: December 2011
Country: Russia / Belarus / Austria / Serbia
Style: IDM, Downtempo, Techno, Spacesynth


01 Stanislav Rubyteno - Icarus (Tetarise Remix) (6:25)
02 Organism - The end (8:14)
03 Derex - Sweet chaos (4:16)
04 Charmant Juliette feat Amenita - Denkwurdige Nacht (5:09)
05 Diodor - Around you (3:56)
06 First Earth - Treasure for birthday (11:25)
07 Spacebirds & Microbit project - My toy spaceship (original Casio SA46 version) (7:32) [10mb 192 kbps]
08 08 The Guru - Number of sounds (9:00)